Model Gabriel Hendrixx


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The year has started well for 26 year old model, Gabriel Hendrixx.  Not only is he signed with top model agency, Core Management; during Fashion Week A/W 2014, the Hamburg based model walked for Berlin’s finest designers like Ivanman.  He’s also still sailing high after nailing campaigns for Ethel Vaughn and Delikt, as well as doing editorials for credible magazines like Surface and SUPERIOR.

I managed to pry Gabriel away from his busy schedule to find out what lies behind the man with the ‘trillion dollar smile’.

Œ: Gabriel, how are you?

Gabriel: Very good, I can’t complain!

Œ: You were in Berlin in January for A/W 2014 right, which shows did you walk for?

Gabriel: Ivanman and Marc Stone.

Œ: How do you deal with backstage show drama?

Gabriel: I don’t really get involved, I just stay chilled.

Œ: (laughs) What the hell does that mean?  Models are often in the middle of all the commotion, so how do you not get involved?

Gabriel: Well, I don’t get stressed easily, so when things begin to heat up backstage, I tend to just play music on my iPad and zone out.

Œ: Ok, so what does get you really stressed out?

(long pause)

Gabriel: That’s a difficult question…

Œ: Reeeally, it’s that hard to come up with something?! Lucky you, I have a whole list! Moving on, modelling is a profession with a well-known high rejection rate, how do you stay positive?

Gabriel: Well, I tell myself that I’m not for every client and I don’t take it personally.  I think all models know that rejection comes with the job, so I remind myself of that constantly.

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Œ: But sometimes, you can tell yourself something in principle like rejection comes with the job, but then when you actually experience it first hand, you can still be affected by it. We are only human after all.

Gabriel: Yes, but then I tell myself that, “tomorrow is another day.”

Œ: Nice personal mantra. What has been your modeling career highlight so far?

Gabriel: Definitely the day I signed with Core Management. I was so excited, I took my best friend with me!

Gabriel Hendrixx 4

Œ: If I had just one day in Hamburg and you were my tour guide, where would you take me?

Gabriel: In the morning, I’d take you to the best place to have breakfast, Lindtner.  The afternoon would be spent walking around Jungfernstieg and in the evening, Schanzenviertel is a must as it has really great bars.

Œ: How would you describe your personal style?

Gabriel: I don’t really have a ‘set look’, I just dress depending on my mood.  And on a great day, I can feel like The Don in just a plain white T and jeans!

Gabriel Hendrixx_1

Œ: Who is your favourite clothing brand?

Gabriel: Kenzo.

Œ: What products do you use to keep your face so baby-smooth and spotless?

Gabriel: Everything I have is from Avène.  I use their cream, cleansing gel and cleansing tonic water.

Œ: Speaking of grooming, how do you keep your body in shape for those yummy topless pictures?

Gabriel: I play a lot of basketball and I dance, mainly hip hop and krump.


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Œ: For the ladies who wouldn’t kick you out of bed, what attracts you to a woman?

Gabriel: Her lips and eyes.

Œ: Who is your celebrity crush?

Gabriel: The Australian actress, Margot Robbie.  She’s in the Wolf of Wall Street.

Œ: You wake up at 3am in the morning. You are craving some food, so you walk to the kitchen, what do you reach out for?

Gabriel: Bread or toast and marmalade.

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                                                                   Photo: Ethel Vaughn

Œ:  Fill the blank: If I weren’t a model, I’d be a….

Gabriel: …I’d work in real estate.

Œ: Property, that’s hot.  Finally, what motto do you live by?

Gabriel: That would be what my grandpa told me, which I now have tattooed on my chest, “Inside all of us is hope.”


*Biki John is an experienced editorial and communications professional with strong marketing knowledge, specialising in the creation of digital and print content (both visual and editorial) for emerging and established brands.  Her diverse clients include Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Lipsy, F95 Store, Arise, JNC, Husk, Push It and singer VV Brown.