From Berlin with Lœve

ΠMagazine is an independent fashion magazine from Berlin. We act as a platform for the German, and particularly the Berlin fashion scene. Πlargely refrains from describing current trends and ideas in fashion, but instead concentrates on showing fashion by purely focusing on the joy of captivating imagery.

In every issue, 10 photo editorials reveal what keeps designers, photographers, stylists and hair & make-up artists moving these days. Production-wise, Πstrives to maximise the potential of printed matter. Different paper qualities and special production features make Πan item that people like to hold, keep and collect.

Say hi, to our seductive team

Arne Eberle

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

Kamal Manga

Fashion Director

Online Editor Lucy Rowan

Lucy Rowan

Senior Editor

Yaroslav Rashevskyi

Editorial Assistent

Sophie Giannoules

Contributing Editor