For one week MADE turned into an installation space projection 5 videos from one of the most iconic fashion designers these days: the artist and craftsman Yohji Yamamoto. After showing pieces from his own collections’ archives in the Johann König Gallery at St. Agnes last Thursday, this project is an unlikely encounter with the man. This time it’s not about fashion. The installation contains 5 dialogues with Yamamoto about his innermost feelings on different topics such as ‘love’ and ‘generation’. 5 Cuts is an attempt to free Yamamoto from the center of the fashion world and let him talk about his view on life. “Are you ready to exchange your life?” and “Did you make somebody happy?”  are questions Yamamoto leaves you pondering.

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Monday April 29th – Saturday, May 5th, 4 pm – 7 pm (including May 1st)

Alexanderstraße 7
10178 Berlin