Adriane Lila Fecke

The German multidisciplinary Designer Adriane Lila Fecke is far from a stranger to ΠMagazine. Having had her designs featured on a handful of occasions, the Πteam thought it was about time she deserved a proper introduction.

From dressing barbies in her childhood to sketching garments in her early teens, Adriane Lila Fecke knew that she was destined for the creative world. Although becoming a mother at 20 years old placed a small pause on her studies, in 2019, she completed her MA in Fashion Design. A very culturally focused individual, Adriane Lila claims that traces of art, books and social issues can all be found in her creative work.

As most of her daily life is centred on raising her son independently, Design is an outlet where Adriane Lila can reconnect with herself. She describes it as her ‘meditation’. An aspiration to many other single mothers, she has successfully managed to launch another collection ‘In Full Bloom’. In this feature, Adriane Lila reveals the inspirations behind the collection, her creative processes, and why Œ is one of her favourite fashion publications.

In Full Bloom

Adriane Lila told Œ that nature is an infinite source of inspiration to her creative work. For the ‘In Full Bloom’ collection, she focuses on the theme of growth. As humans, our emotional and physical evolution is inevitable. We are constantly changing. Adriane Lila emphasises the importance of reflection in this process. To transition into the future, she affirms it is vital that we look back at the past. Taking moments to consider the experiences that make us who we are today, prepare us for flourishing in the future. The floral print is expository of this.

Adriane Lila wanted to create a collection that that was feminine yet timeless. She worked with flowing and simple cuts with feminine refinements, such as cut-outs, ribbons, and gathers that emphasise the female body according to the desired position. 

“The pattern and colours illustrate that a woman can be independent and sensitive at the same time. She can be strong with a soft heart: Standing tall like a flower yet tender like blossoms. When developing ‘In Full Bloom’ I focused on my own print design. As I was very successful with my print collection from my final MA thesis, I decided to build on this strength”.

“The last collections that were presented in the Œ Magazine were more artistic, sporty, experimental and based on unique pieces. The commercial idea behind this collection is to produce clothes for trade purposes with my own signature. This will be available for sale on request very soon. After all, the ultimate aim of a Designer is to create pieces for people to wear”. The collection pieces will be sold at VA STUDUO.

Adriane Lila created the ‘In Full Bloom’ editorial alongside her close friend Véronique Schweizer. Although their lives have taken two very different paths, their love of Fashion Design continues to bind them. Adriane Lila told Œ that the two came together a few months ago, both with broken hearts. Like phoenixes rising from the ashes, they decided to work together and put their downtime to good use. 

“We focused on the task of working on what our strengths are, what makes us who we are, and what gives us pleasure. Our passion for fashion, style and art connects us and gives us strength. We have the same vision so it felt it was very easy to combine our strengths. From this, we decided to present a collection with fashion and jewellery. Even if it seems that everything stands still in this year, we all continue to grow in our ability to deal with the new, more quiet lifestyle. This is what ‘In Full Bloom’ is all about”.

When we asked Adriane Lila why ΠMagazine remains a favourite publication of hers, she told us:

“Œ is one of my favourite magazines from Berlin. I have been following this platform for a long time and find countless inspirations here. First and foremost, I love the fact that it is a German magazine and close to me geographically. The online magazine is especially attractive as you get to know new designers not just through their clothes but their personality too. It gives them an important space to present themselves and their stories in their own words. As our works often reflect our personality/feelings/life situations, it is always exciting to see who is behind the designs. Œ magazine is, therefore, more personal and less superficial”.

Clothing by Adriane Lila Fecke. Earrings by Véronique Schweizer.

Fashion & Styling Adriane Lila Fecke
Jewellery –
Véronique Schweizer
Videography – Fabian Hegner
Photography Laurin Keul
Art Direction Adriane Lila Fecke and Véronique Schweizer
Hair & Makeup Jessica Hubert-Bax
Shoes Zara, Mango and Topshop
Models Svenja Woltmann, Louisa Sieveke, Annik Stoldt