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Timm Süssbrich and his label Barre Noire are better known these days after his success on the TV show “Fashion Hero”. Recapping his past collections against the runway looks from yesterday, we can proudly see how far along his development has come. His work has grown into a more mature fashion label– a skillful transformation from young streetwear into something more sophisticated. His perfect mixture of street style and play between femininity and masculinity make his current AW 14/15 collection a striking balance.

Without losing his signature style with leopard prints in metallic burgundy and gold along with other shiny applicants, Süssbrich sticks to what he does best. His fresh make-over of the classic turtleneck made of felt wool paired with a voluminous powder blue maxi skirt was mature yet playful, and ultimately was the most convincing look from the collection.

This playful fusion between clean-cut looks and overexcited materials/colors in the current collection is simply the way to dress. These are looks that allow us to transition from daily life into evening occasions. Whether you prefer to fashion up or dress down, there’s a piece somewhere in the mix for you. You can be who you are and still find the right Barre Noire look for yourself in his current collection.

Fun fact: one of the model was walking with a camera, taking pictures of people taking pictures. Maybe designer Süssbrich wanted to capture the audience’s reaction?