Berlin Alternative Fashion Week: Launch Party


Friday night saw the launch of Berlin Alternative Fashion Week at Urban Spree, featuring sets from some of the most up-and-coming DJs including Alex Montolio, Carne, Das She Cray, and Andreas Krach.

Alongside many other art installations and gallery openings running late into the night, BAFW opened its doors and gave us all an introduction to what will surely be a great event. Taking place between the 1st and 5th of October in the incredible location of EWERK (a renovated factory which used to hold one of the most notorious techno clubs during the 90s), the event will be a celebration of alternative concepts in fashion.

Featuring fashion shows, presentations, and talks alike, the event aims to question industry norms and promote free thinking and non-conformity in design, pushing the boundaries and possibilities of fashion. And what so often appears to be a shut-off elitist world couldn’t be further from the truth here; BAFW grounds itself in inclusivity, and above all promotes fashion for anyone and everyone.

Make sure to buy your tickets early to guarantee an early bird reduction: