Berlin Showroom A/W 2016/17

Though Berlin Fashion Week may have long since passed, the industry cogs have all but slowed down. From March 4th-7th, the sights of buyers, press and fans’ of the city’s scene alike are once again to turn to Paris, the host city of Berlin Showroom’s 7th edition. Initiated by Projekt Zukunft/Berlin’s Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research, Berlin Showroom acts as an international platform for a handpicked crop of the German capital’s designers, affording them the conspicuous exposure imperative to success in the world’s premier fashion arenas.

With Perret Schaad, Hien Le and Esther Perbandt among others, the range of exhibiting designers aptly reflects the energy, versatility and dynamism for which Berlin has fast gained a name. As per tradition, with the showrooms advent comes the release of an exclusively commissioned editorial, offering a peek of lies in store. Styled by Berlin mainstay Ingo Nahrwold and shot by Timothy Schaumburg, “Jawline for Days” brims over with an eerie glamour, with boldly structured silhouettes balanced by feather-light silks and bobbled wools.

Participating Designers:

Antonia Goy | Cruba | Esther Perbandt | Hien Le | Perret Schaad | Pugnat | SchmidtTakashi | Starstyling | Tata Christiane

Berlin Showroom
Espace Modem
25 Rue Yves Toudic
75010 Paris

Fri – Sun: From 10am to 7pm
Mon: From 10am to 6pm

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PhotographyTimothy Schaumburg
StylingIngo Nahrwold
Hair & MakeupAnna Neugebauer
Photography Assistance | Annika Burmester & Tobias Leva
ModelFranziska | M4 Models