Concis Introduces its First Unisex Collection


For the Autumn/Winter 14/15 cycle, Concis has taken an unexpected departure from its decisively feminine dresses and elaborate draping, introducing a unisex collection that retains designer Hoai Vo’s signature multi-wear approach to garment making. This is the young designer’s first venture into the realm of unisex wear, a movement which has gained considerable momentum and cachet in recent years.  Vo admits, “The aesthetic challenge is that I’m working with a lot of couture-like draping and rather feminine details. It was an artistic challenge to integrate all my signature elements into menswear in a way that is sophisticated and special, yet wearable and masculine.”

This new direction befits the label, which has always been about convertible high-end dressmaking. Each season, the label offers a small, but concise collection, which has allowed Vo to focus on finding unique ways to assemble a multitude of distinct looks into one piece. With some imagination (or simple instruction), scarves morph into stolas and cardigans, while seemingly simple blazers are equally easy to transform. The appeal of Concis’ winter collection hinges on the genius of Vo’s outerwear. Having shed most of last season’s summery frills, the winter jackets and coats are more refined and quietly complex, creating the perfect understated statement pieces for winter.  Why buy five jackets when you can invest in a Concis piece that  packs it all into one?