Cracking at the Surface with JULIAHEUSE


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Julia Heuse—this name is not entirely unfamiliar on the Berlin fashion stage. Many of you might recognize her as the co-conspirator behind the Berlin label Juliaandben. This season, Julia has stepped out on her own, presenting her latest AW 2013/14 collection “Objet Trouvé” at Oukan 71 last Friday under her new label JULIAHEUSE.

The collection introduced digital prints that simulate the beauty Julia consistently discovers on decrepit surfaces and in decaying objects. While “Objet Trouvé” retains some of Julia’s signature hand dye methods, the combination of digital and dye adds an extra visual depth to each look. A high volume of designers have been employing the use of digital prints in recent years, at times due to the tedious nature of more complex print ideas, however, Julia does so not out of efficiency, but out of a necessity to capture the intricate color and pattern shifts found in these used objects. Jacquard trousers and jackets along with garments pared down to black, temper the collection, providing a neutral backdrop to highlight the personality and refinement of these patterned surfaces.

Full collection looks here.




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Photography by iHeartBerlin