Dandy Horse Berlin

Dandy Horse Berlin isn’t your conventional vintage shop. Rather, a concept store offering a tasteful and well contrived selection of vintage designer garments alongside a variety of hand-picked vintage bicycles.

This month marks the Store’s Christmas shopping calendar, offering a series of events, deals, and more. Here at Œ, we decided to pick our vintage items to create an exclusive online editorial photographed by Marius Bergmann, featuring vintage pieces from Valentino, Versace, and more!

Shoes: Valentino, Blazer: Dolce & Gabbana, Skirt: Moschino

Mauri and Laura are the dynamic pair behind the concept store. Since their launch last year, Dandy Horse has already created a strong manifesto to tackle conscious consumerism and support local designers.

Rompersuit: Vintage, Blazer: Dolce & Gabbana, Trench: Vintage, Shirt: Ralph Lauren, Shoes: Valentino

One of our favourite lines reads: “Where biking is the catalyst for sustainable transport, vintage clothing and local products are the ethical answer to fast-fashion”. The carefully curated items forming the store, from classic dutch race bikes to vintage Ralph Lauren sweaters immerse you into a sartorial treasure chest of golden oldies, enhanced by Berlin crafted designs.

Left: Same as above, Right: Trench: Vintage, Trousers: Valentino, Vest: Lacoste, Shirt: Vintage Silk

“Where biking is the catalyst for sustainable transport, vintage clothing and local products are the ethical answer to fast-fashion”

Left: Same as above, Right: Same as above.

Newly situated in the popular area of Neukölln, in a space renovated by their architect neighbours, the store prides itself on free test rides, creative collaborations, and afterhour appointments – to name but a few initiatives. The couple’s humble beginning, offering bicycle repairs and shearling coats has rapidly grown, and extended it’s assortment to an eclectic array of carefully considered, and curated products. However, what sparked our interest, was their integral approach to consumerism that focuses on sustainable transportation and clothing for the “environmentally –aware”. And there is more to come… In fact, Second hand plants are already in the pipeline. Even the furnishing inside the store were gathered from Farms across Dresden, to create sculptural storage units.

Left: Jumper: Ralph Lauren, Blazer: YSL, Trousers: Vintage. Right: Shirt: Ralph Lauren Blazer: Vintage

If you feel the need to satisfy your stylistic cravings this season, whilst keeping your consumerist morals in tact, we definitely recommend visiting Dandy Horse Berlin on; Glogauer Str. 4.

Both same as above.

Photographer: Marius Bergmann

Stylist: Rhianedd Dancey

Models: Elin & Hermann

Make-up: Emil Diefenthal

Assistant: Bui Cong