Dennis Schröder


Photography: Estelle Klawitter

Ever since twenty-one year old Dennis Schröder signed with Model Pool (Düsseldorf), he has been featured in magazine editorials like Superior, Teaser mag and Harbor mag.  His spectacular bone structure and cool demeanor has also seen him walk the runway for names like Bonnie Strange (Berlin) and Kim Gush (Cape Town).  Priding myself on always keeping up with the latest abs and killer smile, I got in touch with Dennis to find out more about the rising model.

Œ: Which city do you live now? 

DS: I live in Oberhausen.

Œ: What do you miss most about your hometown Oberhausen when you are travelling for work?

DS: My mum’s amazing cooking and of course my annoying little sister!

Œ: What is your fitness routine? 

DS: Funnily enough, I feel like I ‘m doing less sport than I should at the moment.  When I go to the gym, I tend to go on the treadmill for about 30 minutes and then I do some weight exercises. To be honest, I’d rather eat and watch movies! 

Œ: Who is your favourite fashion designer?

DS: Dsquared.

Moga Magazine

Œ: You’ve come to Berlin to do some modelling work; for instance, your very first fashion runway was for designer, Ubi Sunt.  What do you love most about Berlin?

DS: The Night Life and no matter what time, you can always find somewhere with something great to eat!

Œ: As a black male model, what one thing would you change about the modelling industry?

DS: The racism, I think that we get paid less.  In fact, on the whole and apart from the obvious big names, I feel models from ethnic backgrounds get less paid than Caucasian models. 

Kent Andreasen for Moga Magazine

Œ: To date, what has been your most fun modelling job and why?

DS: Now that’s a funny story I’m too embarrassed to tell.  Let’s just say it involved me in tight shorts and two female models! 

Œ: And now fill in the blanks, bitte:

If I wasn’t a model, I’d be a … ? An Actor.

If I can’t forgive then I…?   Ignore.

The last movie I watched that made me cry was…?  The Lion King.

The last song I listened to that really inspired me was…? Dear Mama by 2Pac.

My favourite female model is…?  The Kenyan-born, Brit model, Malaika Firth.

When I do walk on the runway, in my head I’m thinking about…? Not tripping and falling on my ass!

When I’m craving  junk food, I eat…? A fat and juicy burger.

I’ll know I’ve made ‘IT’ as a male model when I…?  Can finally buy my little sister all she wants!

Photography: Denis Ignatov