Dylan Weller, daughter of the English musician Paul Weller, is only 22 years old but very determined to succeed in the fashion world. After spending several years in California she has returned to London, collaborating with brands such as Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood. Œ magazine had the chance to learn more about her passions and interests in an interview, and left feeling utterly charmed by her. How could you not?


Œ: Name?

Dylan: Dylan Weller.

Œ: Age?

Dylan: 22.

Œ: Where are you living right now?

Dylan:West London.

Œ: Favourite place in London?

Dylan: The flower market on Columbia Road.

Œ: When did fashion come into your life?

Dylan: From as early as I can remember, fashion has always been in my life. I used to be fascinated by my mum’s clothes and was constantly trying on different outfits of hers. My dad has a strong sense of style and has always cared about his appearance, which definitely rubbed off on me.

Œ: Who is your fashion icon and why?

Dylan: That’s a tough question; I don’t look up to one particular style icon. If I had to it would probably be Brigitte Bardot in the 60s.

Œ: Do you think that music is very related to fashion?

Dylan: Yeah, completely. Music has a massive influence on fashion and vice versa. Music videos especially have a huge roll in fashion trends, and fashion wouldn’t be where it is today without them.

Œ:  How often do you see your family?

Dylan: When I moved out, I moved down the street so I see them at least three times a week!

Œ: What’s your favourite restaurant?

Dylan: I discovered a new favourite the other week called Inko Nito in central London.

Œ: What is the last thing you bought?

Dylan: Alexander Wang tracksuit bottoms.

Œ: What are your plans for the future?

Dylan: I plan on working and making enough money until I can move away to a warm country…

Œ: Do you play music? Have you ever tried?

Dylan: I tried to learn the piano and guitar but gave up years ago.

Œ: What are you listening to right now?

Dylan: Wanna Be by The Internet.

Œ: Favourite singer?

Dylan: I would say Mahalia, she has an amazing voice.

Œ: Favourite designer?

Dylan: Old school: Vivienne Westwood.

Œ: Favourite city?

Dylan: Lisbon, Portugal.


Photography — Felix TW
Styling — Daisy Toogood
Make-Up — Hannah Wilson
Hair  Chloe Frieda
Model — Dylan Weller at Elite
Interview — Cristian Lorenzoni