Michalksky’s StyleNite



Berlin’s fashion elite gathered at the Tempodrom on the 11th of July for the bi-annual ‘Michalsky StyleNite’.  Having heard much about this event for quite some time and never having attended myself, I must admit it was my ‘Golden Ticket’ of Berlin Fashion Week.  Not wanting to be late, I arrived as the invitation card instructed at 8pm sharp and was met by a swarming crowd. There was an impressive variety of people which made for an eye-catching treat. We all sipped on various beverages from sparkling champagne to yummy vodka cocktails as we waited for the show to begin.


It wasn’t long before we were ushered into the stadium to watch the show itself, which was scheduled to include live music performances, along with Michalsky’s and Esther Perbandt’s S/S 15 collections.  Michalsky’s ‘StyleNite’ is renowned for fusing the worlds of fashion and pop, and this was achieved most successfully during the evening. My musical highlight of the night was the Berlin-based trio band ‘Ballet School’. The lead vocalist’s (Rosie Blair) high-pitched voice and the 80s-esque nostalgic beats that accompanied the group’s sweet and catchy melodies were my favourite aspects.  British Pop sensation, Rita Ora also played a very energetic set that had the audience dancing in their seats.


Michalsky’s S/S 15 collection had the intriguing name ‘Important Secrets,’ which the designer explained by saying; ‘All humans have bigger and smaller secrets and they are not always intended for public. That’s completely normal and should stay as it is, but the privacy of people has been violated by the state, secret services and companies. I want to thematize the right of privacy of every single human with my collection’.

His menswear S/S 15 collection featured Preppy Chic looks with tailored layering, featuring soothing tones of navy blue, cool white, desert brown and slate grey; whilst his womenswear collection showcased contemporary tailored pieces of predominantly black, white and metallic tones.  He added a youthful appeal to his collection with playful polka dots, stripes and botanical details to his prints.

Esther Perbandt

Esther Perbandt’s unisex S/S 15 collection entitled ‘Live’ was based on elegant simplicity, mixed with a high dosage of Rock n’ Roll. Esther herself was performing while the models ran down the runway.

Esther Perbandt

Soft fabrics of transparent gauze and special dyed jersey contrasted richly with lashings of assorted leather. Hues of black, grey and white gave the collection an over-all ‘uniform-like’ appearance, whilst Perbandt’s repeated use of handmade embroidery gave the collection a personal touch.

Esther Perbandt

After the show, I spent the next hour or so trying not to pounce on every assorted canapé tray (courtesy of the fantastic caterer’s, Flying Buffet) that passed by my radar, but this turned out to be a losing battle.  It might be considered gauche to stuff oneself at a fashion party, but that’s exactly what I did.  And once I ate my fill, bumped into a few colleagues and did the rounds, I spent the rest of the night on the dancefloor, transfixed by the talented DJ duo: Tiefschwarz and Bonnie/Musique Couture.

It wasn’t until 3am that I noticed that I was surrounded by a beautiful legion of men who, let’s just say, were much more interested in each other than anything I had to offer, so I realized it was time to jump ship.  But oh, what a fabulous night it was!

Tanja Deckstein, Head of Pr at Kisura and ΠEditor Biki John


Stylist Miyabi Kawai, photographer Manuel Cortez & stylist Anita Krizanovic


Unknown & James Goldstein


Lena Krups owner of online shop ‚Up & Rising‘ wearing a shirt by Esther Perbandt

Michalsky: with courtesy of Michalsky
Esther Perbandt: Birgit Kaulfuss
People: Biki John



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