Flesh Bones Mind


Are we truly able to trust our dreams and subconscious? Can we surrender our bodies to impulse and intuition?

Intrigued by these questions, Sophie Louise Feith and Susi Hinz, a dynamic duo with experience in art and visual culture and a progressive, interdisciplinary approach to fashion, explore the contradictions of the human mind and its longing for a sense of control. Flesh Bones Mind is the result of their collaboration with Œ Magazine, Zign and a vast array of Berlin-based creative talents. It is a journey through the different parts of our psyche and perception and takes the form of three “letters”…


The first one explores a vague dystopia, a metaphorical place where people are numbed, conformed and anonymous. Here we are confronted with an unsettling and shockingly familiar feeling of torpidity but also with the need to surrender our minds to its undisclosed desires.

The second letter is a comparatively emancipated mind-space, in which “expression” is contemplated, yet never fulfilled and where the inhabitants remain hampered by various constraints, incapable of achieving their full creative potential.

Finally, the third letter and ideal destination represents the oddity of the subconscious: a state where rationality holds no power, and its citizens can finally surrender to their instincts and senses…

From the moon she said.
I’m not absolute,
I’m fluid.
We did not touch,
we did not look,
do you remember de first time?
Good travel stranger.


Flesh-Bones-Mind-Sophie-Louise-Feith-Making-Of-3 Flesh-Bones-Mind-Sophie-Louise-Feith-Making-Of-2Flesh-Bones-Mind-Sophie-Louise-Feith-Making-Of-1

Director & Writer | Sophie Louise Feith
Co-Director & Art Director |Susi Hinz
Production | Mémona Boutaam, Alexander Ramburger,
Director of photography Letter 1 Paul Maximilian Naether
Director of photography Letter 2 & 3 Alexander Macek
HD Camera| Susi Hinz
Camera Assistance Letter 1 Nina Reichmann
Camera Assistance Letter 2 | Alessandro Ubaldi
Camera Assistance Letter 3 Josh Wolf
Second Camera Operator Letter 3 | Bruce Thompson
Lighting Letter 1 | George Steffens, Jin Lee
Lighting Letter 2 | Tunde Aladese
Editing and Colour Grading Letter 1 | Juan Pablo Baez
Editing, Compositing and Colour Grading Letter 2 | Nicolas Dusollier
Editing Assistant Letter 2| Marina Schnider
Editing Letter 3 | Florian Rau
Colour Grading Letter 3 | Bona Bell
Sound Design Caleb Salgado
Voice Recording | Benno Lehmann
Dialogue editing | Hjalmar Örn Gunnarsson & Bastian Schick
Rerecording Mixer Bastian Schick
Voice-Over | Michael Salu & Sophie Louise Feith

Styling Letter 1 Ethan Cowley
Styling Assistant Letter 1 | Lubov Satchkova, Hanna Wiebersiek
Styling Letter 2 | Danny Muster
Styling Assistant Letter |  Sabrina Rommel
Styling Letter 3 Christina van Zon
Hair & Make-Up Letter 1 |Tina Fischbach | Basics, Cesar Plaza – N Management
Hair & Make-Up Letter 2 Nora Belovai, Mesut Süleymanoglu – N Management, Jazmin Rodriguez – Peppermintcircus
Hair and Make-Up Assistant Letter 2: Diana Donkor
Hair & Make-Up Letter 3 Ischrak Nitschke Blossom, Cesar Plaza – N Management
Set Design Production | Susi Hinz
Scenic Artist | Antonia Breme
Set Decorators | Antonia Breme, Maria Syvänen, Theresa Kretsch, Julie Mons
Set Decoration Assistants | Bara Finnsdottir, Maho Horiuchi
Models & Talents Letter 1 |Anouschka Marlene Stuck,  Leo L @Core Management, Simon Paul @Core Management, Bianca @Iconic Management, Lotte @Iconic Management
Models & Talents Letter 2 Avanya Tonks, Adrian (M4), Lani (Izaio), Katharina (M4), Olga (Modelfabrik), Katharina @M4 Models, Adrian @M4 Models, Niclas K @Core Management, Olga @Modelfabrik, Lani Lees, Tunde Aladese
Models & Talents Letter 3 Milla Rosanski, Kai Braithwaite, Stephan Quinci, Esteban A Barias, Morad Bey, Aladino Rivera Blanca, Sarah Grether, Leilani Franco
Group Choreography Letter 3 | Sarah Grether and Esteban A. Barias
Website & Flyer Design | Petra Valdimarsdottir
Text Editing| Mahoro Seward

This project was realized with kind support of Zign shoes.