German Press Days Awards



Last week was that time of the year again: hordes of fashion bloggers, stylists and editors rushing around the city from one PR agency to another, packed with gift bags, cameras and notebooks for German Press Days. In fashion week manner, some brands go all in, showering the press with a shameless amount of attention and freebies. We have to admit, we love it. The Œ team did its fair share of agency hopping, gathering the best of our press days trek and reciprocating with some lœve.

At Agency V Stine Goya’s collection made us all wish it were spring again with its beautiful take on floral prints, bubble gum colored knits and sequined satin tops. The male part of our team is out for Julian Zigerli’s daring prints (top image) in combo with a pair of his light navy trousers, as seen at Arne Eberle press+sales.

Best Editorial Piece
Silk Relations showed us this Bobby Kolade coat that perfectly mixes Japanese heritage wear with British tailoring.

Best Accessories
IMG_1554 copySabrina Dehoff  has a knack for stunning jewelry. These Art Nouveau inspired gems had us hovering for a solid half hour at Agency V.

Most Beautiful Flowers
flowersIt’s not a Press Days showroom without flowers in every corner of the space. This year Arne Eberle press+sales showcased one of the most exotic arrangements we’ve seen so far.

Most Special Location
location2 A bold statement from BOLD PR, who presented some works in a double-decker bus.

Best Catering
cateringThe agencies provided tasty snacks, but thanks to Häberlein & Mauerer’s delicious detox and energy juices, we were able to get through these two days.

Best Entertainment
A golden photobooth was installed at the Styleheads showroom, a typically Berlin way of mixing business with pleasure.

Best Art Installation
This mirror installation from Si-Min Fung and Patrick Peters at the Arne Eberle press+sales showroom shifted in accordance with your movements, making it a perfect opportunity to try on the clothing or accessories.

Nicest Gifts
ngOther than the tons of look books, agencies also send you home with gifts from the brands they represent. You’ll never hear us complaining about this great marketing ploy. A Lala Berlin x Catrice lipstick collection, a leather card holder from & Other Stories card, a Moleskine notebook and a portable phone charger from Vide online shop topped our list of freebies.

Funniest Gift
The Triumph showroom was accompanied by Sloggi who gifted everyone a CD from their newest brand ambassador, Kylie Minogue.

Heaviest Look book
Luckily Prag PR was one of our last stops so we didn’t have to carry the & Other Stories’ runway bible along with us for too long.

Nicest Gift bags
Overwhelmed by all the cotton bags you get to carry the gifts in, we made a compilation of the most fashionable (and loud) ones we took home with us this season.