German Press Days


After a season of pulling from the same collections for photo shoots, we find ourselves arriving at every Press Days with a welcomed sense of relief. New season, new looks, new ideas, new shoots! Jumping ahead to the Autumn/Winter 15/16 cycle, we’re excited to move full steam ahead with production for the next issue of Œ Magazine!


Here’s an overview of our inspirations for the upcoming months…

Agency V: Press-Days-2015-020-2

Antonia Goy
What a warm feeling we always get when we walk into Agency V’s showroom. Feels a little bit like home, but then surrounded by lovely things such as from Antonia Goy!The scaled leather and silky pleats immediately grabbed out attention. We couldn’t stop touching the fabric!

Press-Days-2015-003Antonia Goy

Beautiful as always. We want them all and not only for a good day in the sun but also to sport for every occasion. Mykita Mylon, the brand’s first foray into innovative invention, has made way for yet another ingenious material called polyamide.

Press-Days-2015-013Mykita Mylon

Hien Le
Never thought that working clothes could be something fashionable, but yes, Hien Le made it happen.

Press-Days-2015-024Hien Le

Tim Labenda
The landscape themed collection from Tim Labenda combines beautiful colors with soft winter fabrics, creating elegant silhouettes and unrivaled textures.

Press-Days-2015-022Tim Labenda


Marina Hoermanseder
What can we say about this editorial darling, which hasn’t been voiced before? One could feel the hours of sweat and tears that went into crafting each leather piece.

Arne Eberle press+sales:
Arne Eberle press+sales

Julian Zigerli
The prints for the new collection gave us butterflies. Nothing makes a loud entrance quite like a Zigerli or Tata Christiane piece. For the fashionably faint of heart, Zigerli’s new diffusion line, comprised or understated pieces, will soon be available.

Press-Days-2015-033Julian Zigerli IMG_9791Arne Eberle press+sales

Case Studies
An up-and-coming editorial worthy knitwear brand. Eyes peeled—one to watch!

Press-Days-2015-045Case Studies

Faux fur is definitely having a moment with coats, sweaters, and even trousers made from the friendly furry fabric. Our favorite piece came from Frisur. It’s just getting sunny, but we’re already thinking autumn capes.


Silk Relations: Press-Days-2015-104Malaika Raiss

Malaika Raiss
At Silk Relations we bumped into Malaika Raiss. The pastel colours and the always elegant looks from her make us want to dress up for a cold evening right away!

Bobby Kolade
You can never underdress again with Bobby Kolade’s latest and bravest. Just in time for a season where designers are giving a sentimental nod to the 70s.

Press-Days-2015-102Bobby Kolade

Aileen Klein show:
Newcomer Aileen Klein presented a fashion installation featuring her graduate collection from Weißensee. Housed in a surreal witch house guarding the cemetery vis-à-vis Soho House,  heavy music accompanied a futuristic collection

Press-Days-2015-145Press-Days-2015-151 Aileen Klein
Aileen Klein

We ended our tour at BOLD. After two days of non stop hardcore heartaching longing for all the beautiful things we want next season, there was no better way to end it than with a little party. Frozen yogurt, korean tacos, tarot card reader…You name it, BOLD had it.

Press-Days-2-Berlin-2015-104BOLD Agency