Happy Nike Air Max Day!

Exactly 27 years ago today, a legend was born which would go on to redefine a generation inextricably. Yes, this day 27 years ago, Air Max I was released for the first time, with its new elevated cushioning sole which reinvented how Nike would go on to design running trainers forever. What was just an experiment to start with, has now become an icon in its own right, and it was 3.26 which was the father and prototype of what has now become an entire tradition.

Having carved out a central position in hip hop subculture, the model has become truly transcendent, etching its way into numerous sartorial niches, creating a truly hybrid shoe. Whilst trends and fads have come and gone, the Nike Air Max has stood firm, becoming a staple feature of the chav, gabber, and hipster subculture movements. It has even found its way onto the red carpet, being a favourite of Lily Allen, with her iconic trainer and dress combination.

And to celebrate this milestone anniversary, Nike has release a limited edition Air Max I, with the same colour scheme and materials as the 87 version, transporting you directly back to your youth. There is however a small twist; a bright green sole replaces the original white and a 3.26 tongue tab has be added to the help you stand out as a true trainer connoisseur. So go and don your Nike Air Max with pride and celebrate this milestone in style!

Photo Credits: www.thehundreds.com/nike-air-max-day-3-26-14