Hien Le








Berlin Fashion Week’s inaugural show opened yesterday morning with Hien Le‘s A/W collection inspired by the works of abstract painter Mark Rothko. Hien Le, a champion of simplicity, quality, and wearability was at it again this season with a coy and contained collection that mixed temperate silhouettes in a neutral beige and navy with beautiful aquatic colored gradients. The unlikely combination of suede and cashmere with crocheted patterns also added a unique tactile dimension to the garments. If Le’s collections consistently insists on the practical and efficient, the color spectrum of his A/W collection considered the whimsical. Le managed to strike a brilliant balance between form and color, once again, producing a collection that is certain to appeal to a legion of thoughtful dressers, who are either looking for the perfect pair of trousers to incorporate into their daily wear or a splash of color to enliven and accent their look.

Photos: Arjen Roos