I Love You, I Know

This editorial and video by producer Roman Gunt in collaboration with cinematographer Anton Shirokikh and photograoher Smagina Margarita celebrate the moment when people take notice of one another, lower their guard, and make contact… It is not about fashion, brands, or sexual preferences but was conceived as a reminder of all things sweet and happy following the embrace of a lover.

All styles featured are by young Russian designer Dasha Babaeva.

roman_gunt-i-love-you-i-know3 roman_gunt-i-love-you-i-know4 roman_gunt-i-love-you-i-know5 roman_gunt-i-love-you-i-know6 roman_gunt-i-love-you-i-know7roman_gunt-i-love-you-i-know8

Producer | Roman Gunt
Video | 
Anton Shirokikh
Photography | Smagina Margarita
Makeup & Hair | Nika Baeva
Models | Anya, Valentina Mann, Dima Popov, Kirill Romanov, Alina und Kolya – BACCA Model Management
Designer | Dasha Babaeva
Location | MUSE