J/M/B Jewels



As we all know, some of the nicest events during Fashion Week take place off-site. One of them was the launch of up-and-coming jewelry label J/M/B. Designer Jorinde Meline Barke presented her new collection LTAF EXTENDED in a pop-up shop on Brunnestraße in Berlin Mitte.

J/M/B  represents Jorinde’s vision of contemporary jewelry; she creates strongly conceptual, yet wearable pieces while being particularly interested in the discovery of different materials, crafts, and techniques. Jorinde uses classic materials such as rock crystals, onyx, and gold, giving them a new look through a revised approach towards traditional manufacturing processes.

J/M/B’s new collection LTAF EXTENDED is inspired by gravity and ease, flow and balance. The nexus of two twisted wires is being explored and deconstructed to the very last detail. Beautiful necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings are designed in different color combinations: black ruthenium with rock crystal or rose gold with onyx.


Besides her new collection, Jorinde presented a unique collaboration with product designer Frank Michaels entitled LTAF ORIGIN. The collection is promised of four different pieces and is an exploration of a history old jewelry theme: two threaded strings interlacing the other, forming a torque.


Jorinde studied fashion design at the Berlin University of the Arts and in Paris, graduating in 2011. During her studies she realized that her way of thinking and doing research has always been more related to objects or products, their distinct shape or materiality, that is, than to clothing. It took her all the years of studying to realize that she has more passion for resting objects. Time and time again, Jorinde integrated accessories into her fashion collections, only to realize that the accessories themselves deserve her undivided attention.

In addition to her jewelry label, Jorinde collects her everyday inspirations online at J/M/B Journal. The journal is like a well-structured library of pictures and forming stories out of them is like a game to the young designer. The stories are built upon highly personal emotions, considerations that are likely a part of her design process, too.

Πwishes the best of luck to the young designer and looks forward to following her every step of the way!