Kelsey McClellan and Michelle Maguire

The world’s first concept shopping mall, Bikini Berlin, has launched a photography series for their new campaign Food & Fashion. Commissioned by the Berlin Creatives at Kemmler Kemmler, the campaign is being supported by the American artist duo Kelsey McClellan and Michelle Maguire, who received international attention for their photography series Wardrobe Snacks, which combined food with fashion.

The artist duo calls the collaboration with Bikini Berlin “a continuation” of Wardrobe Snacks. The food and clothes are chosen from the mall, and are then photographed with models, using hair stylists and make-up artists. This is a departure from the duo’s usual style of photographing food with people’s torsos, using a single-coloured background.

“We are both tired of monochromatic shoots, we already did it. The world needs to see something else,” they say. This change in tone is clearly visible this latest collaboration, in which various corners of the mall are used as a backdrop for an array of clothes.

McClellan is clearly pleased with the result. “The pictures look really happy,” she says. “Really colourful.”