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KIESEL’s SS14 collection “Candyland” is a refreshingly playful and youthful approach to applying minimalist design with feminine ease. True to her use of illustration and color, this season Kiesel simplified her palette to rectangles, squares, and stripes as her fabric elements. Her accessories were fantastically choreographed with the “Candyland” narrative, acting as simple accents to the clothing. The collection was a wonderful balance between separates, as well as dresses. More like a theater production than a runway show, Kiesel’s use of the stage was fantastic—even the models seemed to be enjoy themselves and the clothes they were wearing. What the collection and show boiled down to, other than my longing for summer 14 to come now so that I can buy several of the pieces myself, is that Alexandra Kiesel has captured the excitement and joy of getting dressed for those wonderfully sunny warm days we’ve been experiencing.

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