Kuboraum X Julius M7 Mask

As the seasonal drear tightens its grip, sunglasses may not hold as dear a place in your heart as they did in fairer months. Though a shrewd selection can often prove to be a subtle, yet provocative, twist for any winter wardrobe.

Founded in 2012 on a trinity of “accentuation, protection and shelter”, Kuboraum employs a distinctly anthropological approach in their practice, creating “masks” that transform eyewear into an integral component of self-presentation, harmoniously uniting wearer and product in a manner seldom executed so seamlessly. With Livio Graziottin and Sergio Eusebi at the helm, the visionary brand has climbed from peak to peak at breakneck speed, opening a flagship-cum-atelier in Berlin’s Kreuzberg and a “store in store” at Tokyo’s revered Isetan department store. To top it all off, Kuboraum regularly collaborates with Japanese avant-garde titans, JULIUS.


It is a product of this collaboration that we’re focussing on this week, paying particular attention to the capsule collection’s pièce de résistance. Instantly recognisable by its concave, elliptical frame, the M7 Mask is infused with references both contemporary and classic, hinting as much towards the thick-rimmed spectacles of Woody Allen as towards an eerie futurism.


The frames themselves, as with all Kuboraum products, are handcrafted with diligent precision and consideration. In testament to the brand’s aesthetic diversity, the frames are available in a variety of finishes and colours. Highlights would certainly have to include the application of sterling steel accents and the signature ‘burnt’ texture, which offers a mottled effect, reminiscent of used charcoal.

The only thing holding you back is the M7 Mask’s rarity; your best bet would be to pop by the brand’s Kreuzberg hub, though if you are unable to make the pilgrimage to Berlin, Farfetch should hopefully have you covered.