Maximilian Lüers: functional symbiosis

Founded on the Bauhaus philosophy “form follows function,” Maximilian Lüers’ latest collection Evolution from his eponymous label, is a true triumph, especially when taking into consideration the fact that this talented designer hasn’t even turned 20 yet, nor has he been through the doors of an illustrious institution like Central St. Martins. The collection is, as the designer himself says “a symbiosis of design and craftsmanship,” with a focus on structured silhouettes, architectural lines and muted colours, creating a collection that is both soft and sophisticated, whilst simultaneously possessing a masculine edge. The designs are both understated, yet uncannily powerful at the same time. In this collection, he focuses on material and cut, opting for high quality silk and wool, with sharp yet sophisticated lines, creating clothes which are both classic yet subtly monochrome with the metallic paneling found on some of the garments. It is this combination which creates a classic, yet distinctly modern collection, and marks Maximilian Lueers as someone to watch out for in the future.

Hailing from the rural area of Visbek Germany, this 19 year old grew up far from the fashion capitals of Europe, and taught himself how to sew and make clothes from the tender age of 8. But with inspirations including fashion designers such as Raf Simons, Damir Doma, and architects Oscar Niemeyer and Mies van der Rohe, he’s clearly setting the bar high for the future. With no catwalk shows, no selling points, and even no website to date (he displays his designs on his blog, this designer is fresh out of the blocks, taking his very first steps into the world of fashion. But with the sophistication, maturity, and above all the precision of his work, his designs are already rivaling some of his most established and experienced contemporaries. He even recently produced his very first menswear garment, taking a step into a world which he hadn’t previously explored. And so whilst this brand may only be in its opening stages, it’s got a big future ahead of it!