Michael Sontag Store

Awhile back, one of Berlin’s finest talents Michael Sontag opened his first boutique in Kreuzberg. Although the district is hardly known its fashion stores, there’s a certain buzz and dynamic that is quickly attracting the stylish set. We recently got in touch with the designer to talk shop, literally.

All images by Christian Schwarzenberg

Why did you settle for Berlin?
I came to Berlin to study fashion design at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee and it got me somehow. I still love the free spirit and the constant change; that’s why I’m very happy that we opened our first shop here in January.

How do you approach the design process? Do you start draping or do you maybe already have an image in mind?
Usually I have no picture in mind before I start. I develop the garments piece by piece and in the end they create something new that I didn’t know before. There is of course a certain design ethos that is always present and there are for sure different influences, but that’s more unconsciously.

Do you already have pieces for A/W 2016, and if so, when will they be available in store?
Right now I’m really looking forward to spring and summer. And anyway I’m not thinking very much in seasons. A nice silk dress or cotton shirt is timeless. The first pieces for autumn and winter will be in the store starting September.