Muro.exe Releases New Models


Sneaker lovers rejoice. After selling out its beta collection last Autumn, Muro.exe has followed up this season with 3 new spring/summer models. Its latest sneaker triumvirate retains the classic Muro silhouette, bringing 3 color/print updates that were inspired by assembly lines and modern factories. Muro sneakers are the perfect compromise for buyers still too hesitant to jump on the gym shoe bandwagon; these hybrid sneakers combine training comfort with a simple elegance that is noticeably absent from other sporty footwear on the market. As a Muro guinea who was kindly bestowed a pair from its first collection, I have to add that I’ve been flagged down in supermarkets and subway stations by strangers immediately enamored by the sleek silhouette and monochrome feature. Talk about love at first sight!