Mykita X Damir Doma DD04

Damir Doma X Mykita 2

With the sun beginning to peak through the cracks of what has until now been an unremitting canvas of gloomiest grey, this week’s item reads as a glimmer of anticipation for brighter days to come. Berlin eyewear pioneers Mykita need no introduction, a longstanding fixture on the radars of those with even a passing interest in contemporary German fashion (which, judging by your finding yourself here, you must have).

Alongside their own range of frames, Mykita has collaborated with a stellar range of avant-garde brands, creating frames that adhere to Mykita’s ethics of understated, innovative design while succinctly encapsulating the spirit of the brand in question. Our pick, the DD04, is taken from the brand’s on going collaboration with Milan-based German designer Damir Doma.

Damir Doma X Mykita

With near perfectly circular lenses and an undulating bridge, the DD04 frame is an apt summary of the Damir Doma project, “a soft, melancholic quest for tranquillity”. The gentle meanders of the frames are qualified by the substantial acetate of which they are crafted, allowing for an enchantingly mute, yet strikingly bold aesthetic; Mykita’s design footprint is naturally present in the trademark screw-less hinges.

Damir Doma X Mykita 3

The DD04 frames are available in a series of colourways, for either sun or optical wear. They are available through numerous online outlets, Global Design Collective among them, however, as is especially the case with eyewear, we would recommend a trip to your nearest Mykita stockist to try them for size. For the Berlin based among you, you’re spoilt for choice, with flagships in both Charlottenburg and Mitte.

All images via Mykita