Naturellement Doré

Clean, crisp and feather-light, Lisa Winter’s “Naturellement Doré” demonstrates the tranquil beauty of pared back simplicity. Enlisting a host of Berlin’s foremost designers, Nobi Talai and Case Studies among them, stylist Anna Sourminskaja evokes both brightness and delicacy through considerate layering and muted colour combinations, allowing for an understated, yet distinctly palpable, charm. While all that all glitters may not be gold, this editorial proves that that which doesn’t may in fact be.

Naturellement DoréNaturellement Doré Naturellement DoréNaturellement Doré Naturellement Doré Naturellement Doré Naturellement Doré Naturellement Doré

Photography | Lisa Winter
Model | Folke Seedsmanagement
Styling | Anna Sourminskaja
Hair & Make up | Jane Jakobi Blossommanagment