Along with an elegant Perret Schaad presentation, my jam packed FW schedule included a bubbly disco showroom with Lana Mueller and a sculptural threesome with Julian Zigerli. To top it off, I joined ODEEH before their catwalk show.

Swiftly running across the city to reach the backstage venue, I approach Jannowitzbrucke station with the remnants of Lana Mueller’s champagne buzz. Surprisingly, a peaceful white building greets me. The venue on Holzmarkstraße was previously home to a DDR Supermarket and is now covered in a layer of white paint. Quite the contrast to the speed and colour of the other circus-like events and spaces of Berlin Fashion Week.

Inside, the concrete walls are covered with light. A cool and calm box decorated solely with five large letters: ODEEH. Immersed in the atmosphere I suddenly remember – I’m late. I dash backstage with some photographers, as the familiar rush and energy of Fashion Week return.

Gleaming mirrors illuminate the fitting rooms by sponsor Catrice. I glimpse at the runway order, snapping away with my iPhone, trying to capture the atmosphere. Models line up, as the announcement to return to seating is bellowed backstage.

“Scouting” the front row, now filling up, I spot designer William Fan and Vogue Germany’s Editor in Chief Christiane Arp. Nestled between the film crew, I wait quietly as the big “box room” darkens. Suddenly the darkness is lit by a frenzy of glittering lights. A figure appears while a moody bass from Sammy Davis. Jr echoes through the speakers, and a pair of red velvet socks stomp towards me to its beat.

The show unfolds with an army of print, sparkle, ties, bows and tassels. Hints of silver, orange and red punch against the subtle navy jackets and blazers. Creative directors Otto Drögsler and Jörg Ehrlich explain that the collection is “inspired by the colours and beauty of the peacock butterfly”. The contrast of classic silhouettes and vibrant textiles transport me back to the excitement of a circus I take note of the textural structure of the checked mohair and the metal coated linen that swirl past

A metallic tinsel dress of lavender and copper sway as a centre piece to the surrounding white walls. Silhouettes fade little by little to Hildegard Knef echoes … a “tribute to Berlin and the DRR – supermarket space” Creative manager Tobias Graf later explains. Drögsler and Ehrlich appear briefly amidst a sea of girls before onlookers and models leave once more, heading to their next fashion week fix.

My first experience at an ODEEH show has left me curious about the creative character the brand has to offer. Having opened a store earlier this year on Potsdamer Str in Berlin, I’m definitely going to be paying them a visit soon, and suggest you do too!

Fashion: ODEEH
Collage: Rhianedd Dancey