One Of A Kind

The label “ONE OF A KIND” was founded by seven designers within the framework of the cooperation between Wolfgang Joop and HTW Berlin as part of the knitwear design course in the summer semester of 2022 led by Prof. Grit Seymour. Joop’s former label “Wunderkind” and its archive served as a source of inspiration.
Based on the concept “Turn up the Love” by Wolfgang Joop, the design theme for the knitwear collection project, the designers were to follow their creative inspiration entirely under the motto “Love”.
A novel, poetic interpretation was created in form of a unique knitwear collection with eclectic and frivolous elements close to the ideas of the former label. In keeping with Dieter Rams rules for good design, the focus is on timelessness and authenticity.

The earlier designs of the label “Wunderkind” deserve special attention. Personal conversations with Wolfgang Joop and a guided tour to the studios in Potsdam made clear what is meant by value and expressiveness. The use of original materials and fabric from previous collections honours the memory of “Wunderkind”.
But a new interpretation also includes modern innovations that are interesting alongside the quotation. New ideas that honour something existing while revolutionising it. Whether expansive and extravagant or stylish and consistent, the creative range of these seven minds is represented in enormous diversity.
In terms of material the focus was on sustainability, only deadstock yarns were used. Knitwear design deserves a permanent place in a sustainable design world, where almost no waste is generated during production.

The designers of “One of a kind” broke new ground in design with Wolfgang Joop. More collaborations of this kind are planned for the future. To give more HTW students the opportunity of such collaborations, the next course will continue this work with other participants.

Photography – Sebastian Donath
Styling – Julius Forgo & Tanja Forgo Mettler
Make Up – Anastasia Misko | Nina Klein Artist Management
Models – Leonie | ModelManagement,  Carlotta | Tigers Mgmt,  Fatou | Izaio Management,  Alina & Fynn Stossek | M4 Models,  Jada | A Management
Photo Assistants – Valentina Schumacher, Lukas Preuss, Maria Zakurnaeva
Styling Assistant – Johanna Rill
Casting – Chris Mooshammer
Studios – Stupid Studios, PLATTE.Berlin
Supervision – Grit Seymour, Thao Haussmann, Sophie Neff, HTW Berlin