I found myself watching, searching.
Who am I ?
The journey to self discovery is hard, however self-acceptance is harder.
In society, we are constantly struggling, to find a place in our given environment.
Surrounded by noise, influences and people, we want to break out.
This phenomenon is human.
Too noisy and, too quiet.
Calm down, listen to your inner voices.
Can you here them whisper? Your inner voices, whisper conflicting messages within your own subconscious.
Your deep demand for freedom and self determination, screams:


Maybe you’re on the right way, maybe you’ve found your place in society, happiness following suit.
Maybe you´re just a fish in a slough, like all the other fish who try to bawl, with bursted gills, for air and freedom to breathe.
Or rather a butterfly, flying away, unfolding.
But this is limited.
Although you may never be a butterfly, as your grills block your way.
Through passing, we express our own inner conflict and, transfer it into our creativity.

Text | Mimi Bork


Photography | Elena Breuer
Hair & Make-up | Katja Maaßen
Styling | Saskia Jung
Styling Assistance | Lena Sophie Emslander
Models | Alexander / Izaio & Sabina / letitgomgmt
Photography Assistance | Thijsiena Marx / Nicole Doberstein 
Editing | Lena Sophie Emslander
Art Direction | Elena Breuer