Penelope’s Sphere

Penelope's Sphere Fredrik Altinellvia Fredrik Altinell 

Amidst the throng of independent boutiques peppering the northern boundaries of Mitte, this weekend saw the opening of a space consecrated to the work of Penelope’s Sphere, a Berlin-based brand fusing forward-thinking design techniques and traditional femininity. Though active on the scene since a debut collection in 2008, combining shiny pleathers and cottons in structured cloche skirts, the opening marks a bold step for the brand, affording it a firm footing, both literal and figurative, on the city’s fashion map.Penelope's Sphere Store

In a cosy, almost familial, setting, Tamari Nikoleishvilli opened her doors to friends and fans alike, offering a advanced peek at the space. Warm, modest and well curated, the store is successful in deviating from the austere pretension all too often associated with the city’s high-end stores. The garments on offer cover a versatile range of reimagined staples, with a dainty black mesh pullover or crisp skirts and shorts in sheened red and white stripes for example, balanced out by pieces that appeal to, and demonstrate, a truly innovative approach to design. Our top pick would surely be the brand’s shoes, ankle boots with white rubber soles in patent leathers, fringed at the ankle by numerous thin strips of leather, a perfect motif of Tamari’s innovative approach to classic looks, garments and silhouettes, infusing them with an intriguing twist while acknowledging and respecting traditional form.Penelope's Sphere Store

Words, however, can only say so much! To catch a glimpse for yourself, be sure to head down to Fehrbelliner Straße 56 as soon as you can! Opening hours are as such:

Monday | 11am – 7pm
Tuesday | 11am – 7pm
Wednesday | Closed
Thursday | 11am – 7pm
Friday | 11am – 7pm
Saturday | 12pm – 6pm
Sunday | Closed

Penelope's Sphere Fredrik Altinellvia Fredrik Altinell