Perret Schaad

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Every person has his own set of sartorial needs and desires. For AW 14/15, Johanna Perret and Tutia Schaad of PERRET SCHAAD investigated the modern woman’s mindset with the aim of crafting a collection that would satisfy her practical demands and personal proclivities. However lofty and far reaching this endeavor may appear, the two young designers came up with a straight forward answer with a collection comprised of simplicity, accuracy, and confidence.

Aside from the deceivingly simple cuts and silhouettes, this PERRET SCHAAD injected a bit of glitz and showmanship into their collection. Embroidered beading embellishing hemlines and necklines brought crepuscular light to simple black trousers and dresses and carefully chosen blocks of colors imbued the collection with a youthful vibrancy. Never straying far from functionality, the collection recycled some spring looks, updating them with heavier winter materials and colors. Asymmetrical wide-leg trousers and draped shift dresses tailored at calf length, synched to current runway trends, added a chic and low-key distinction to the mix. Like the modern woman, Perret Schaad has eased through the seasons, effortlessly refining and updating hemlines, cuts and colors without fuss, and more importantly, with accuracy and confidence.