Ping Pong Supernova

Vinco Zierowan is a young artist home in multidisciplinary fields such as installation art, (live-) painting, hip hop music and experimental movies.
In 2012 Vinco began to study film studies at the University of Brussels in order to concentrate on the genre arthouse and experimental music videos. After five years of of experimental film and art studies and collaborating as a videoclip director for multiple music labels Ping Pong Supernova can be considered as his debut art house production.

Loucka Fiagan (Sadu) with whom Vinco also builds the multidisciplinary collective Chapter One / CHPT01, is the writer of the soundtrack to Ping Pong Supernova. He is currently working on his personal EP under the pseudonym of Sadu.

The movie is a surreal trip through abstract movement and colour. A very theatrical experience, where spatial art and colorful decoration shape the tunnels of our eyes through mirror masks and elements of dragqueen cabaret.

“I’ve also been digging a bit deeper into Stan Brakhages (an experimental filmmaker) work last years, as he has always fascinated me deeply, the craftsman, the teacher and visual magician brought me into a new way of looking at painting through cinema” states Vinco. “I was wondering whether I could recreate similar aesthetics but only with digital cameras and digital media, which would challenge me to find another way of painting, on different kinds of canvasses. This time the screen would become my canvas.”