Salon Maiami

With the first flakes of snow projected to drop this Friday, Maiami‘s shop opening last night on Auguststraße could not have arrived in our city at a better time. Salon Maiami opened up its door for the first time yesterday to the press for a lovely viewing of the latest from its collection, basic, and home interior lines. The Berlin-based knitwear label run by Maike Dietrich is a Vogue darling, having been handpicked by madame Christiane Arp herself to showcase its collection in the Vogue Salon alongside other promising emerging design talents.

It’s always heartwarming to see a young Berlin label set up shop here, especially when the number of massive retailers is quickly rising in Berlin, supplanting shops that operate on a smaller and more conscientious scale. Maiami’s sleek and charming new retail space is not only a winter wonderland for knitwear addicts, but also an eclectic jewelry haven run by Oona Gallery, carrying exclusive pieces from Bless, Saskia Diez, Svenja John and many more. Stop by and shop up. The year is almost over, but winter will stretch on. Why not survive it in style?

Salon Maiami
Auguststraße 26
10117 Berlin

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A selection of knitwear from Maiami’s basic and collection lines:

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