Model Luana Lopes



The gorgeous Berlin-based model Luana Lopes has been featured in fashion directional magazines like Oyster, Achtung, Vice, Œ and Kneon.  Her gazelle-like frame has sashayed the runways of Basler, Annette Görtz, Moga e Mago and Thomas Rath, to name but a few;  so it’s only natural this Viva model has picked up a few beauty tips along the way. Lucky for us, we managed to catch a fashionable moment with Luana to talk beauty—the bold, the bad and the ugly.

Œ: What’s your morning and night facial routine?

Luana: My morning ritual is pretty simple; I wash and massage my face with Aok’s White Tea and Ginger Extract Face Wash Gel and then I tone with Florena’s, Bio Green Tea Matting Toner. My night routine is a bit longer. About three times a week, I use Garnier’s Hautklar 3 in 1 Peeling Mask. I then apply Garnier’s Hautklar Daily Anti-Pimple face lotion. To keep my skin soft, I use Lavera’s moisturizing face cream. On the days I feel very lazy I just wash my face with soap!


Œ: Now that spring is here, what lotions and potions do you swear by to keep your skin healthy and moisturized?

Luana: Well, apart from the moisturizing products I mentioned, I also use Dove body lotion or Garnier’s Body Tonic. I always check that my body creams contain green tea and/or caffeine extracts. I must say I’m quite a fanatic about this! I find that combining these creams with a healthy and active lifestyle has done miracles for firming and revitalising my skin.

Œ: What beauty secrets can you give us?

Luana: I’d say less is more. I use as little make up as possible, so my skin is free and can breathe. During the day I wear a little mascara and lip balm or lipstick.  During summer, I try to find time to sit outside to catch a bit of sunlight; I feel a bit of vitamin D can do the skin wonders. Also, when it comes to make up, I think it’s worth investing in the more expensive cosmetic brands. At the moment, Lancôme is my go-to brand.

Generally speaking, I say keeping the body hydrated, eating healthily, treating yourself to a sauna treatment here and there, and washing your face before going to sleep should do the trick!


Œ: You mentioned that you mainly buy more expensive cosmetic brands, but do you have a favourite budget-friendly cosmetic brand?

Luana: When I’m short on money, I tend to use the Italian brand, Kiko.

Œ: When you go out at night, what products do you carry in your bag?

Luana: Blistex lip balm, mascara, lipstick (often by MAC, Mary Kay or Burberry), MAC face powder and a small mirror.  My hands get dry easily, so I always carry hand lotion in my bag.

Luana 002

Œ: When it comes to lip shades are you a Classic Red, Vampy Purple, Pop Pink or Experimental Blue?

Luana: I am definitely a Classic Red and, on occasion, I can be a Vampy Purple!

Œ: What’s your take on the nail art trend, and what nail art styles have you experimented with? 

Luana: Oh, I’m so lazy with my nails. I love colourful nail polish, so I own tons of them, but I rarely use them.  Although some nail art can look pretty fun, I’m all about looking as natural as possible; so I’ve never experimented with that trend.


Œ: Which celebrity do you think always looks absolutely flawless?

Luana: I must say I’ve had a mega girl crush on Angelina Jolie since forever.  Also, Anne Hathaway’s beauty transformation since the Princess Diaries has been great to watch. She looks absolutely stunning now and really pulls of her pixie crop.

Œ: Have you ever had a disastrous haircut? If so, who cut it and what did it look like?

Luana: Oh God yes! When I was younger, I went to a cheap hair salon and they cut my hair into an awful chin-length bob and it looked horrible!  I was so traumatized by the experience that since then, I only cut the very tips of my hair. It’s only recently that I’ve started to entertain the thought of going short again. Otherwise, I always keep my hair long and without a fringe.


Œ: How do you protect your hair and skin from long-term damage when they’re continuously being transformed for photo shoots?

Luana: As soon as I get home after a shoot, I wash my hair and face.  On a daily basis, I massage Schwarzkopf’s Hair Repair into my hair tips.  Sometimes, I apply a heavy moisturizing hair cream from Redken.  To protect my hair from heat damage, I let my hair dry naturally and straighten it as little as possible. When I do straighten my hair, I make sure I use Schwarzkopf’s Flatliner Serum. In addition to this, I make sure I carry out my usual morning and night beauty routines.

Œ: Is there a particular spa, nail salon, hair salon or the like, you love to go to in Berlin? 

Luana: I go ritually to the Waxing Company to get waxed. Occasionally, when I’m there I do a mani-pedi . I also recently tried a Thai Foot Massage at the Lotus Massage, which I really enjoyed.  So from time to time, to treat myself, I am going to have different body massages there.


Œ: When it comes to the boys, what’s your grooming No-No?

Luana: I don’t like it when guys use too much hair gel or when they use cheap cologne.

Œ: Finally, if you could do any beauty campaign, what would it be?

Luana: Definitely, L’Oréal. When I was a child, after washing my hair, I would play around in front of the mirror and repeat their iconic slogan by saying, “L’Oréal, because I’m worth it!”

*Biki John is an experienced editorial and communications professional with strong marketing knowledge, specialising in the creation of digital and print content (both visual and editorial) for emerging and established brands.  Her diverse clients include Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Lipsy, F95 Store, Arise, JNC, Husk, Push It and singer VV Brown.