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If you’ve ever flipped through our magazine, you’ll have recognized our love for graphic illustrations. Our team at Maven studio approach graphic design with as much enthusiasm as we do our fashion editorials. For issue 6, we collaborated with French-born, Berlin-based graphic designer Sophie Douala who created a series of fluid, abstract prints that anchored every editorial.

Having graduated from Olivier de Serres in Paris, Sophie started collecting unique papers and creating abstract shapes, which would lay the foundation for her venture into graphic design work as a professional. “The idea behind my work is the create a playground- to modulate, assemble; to be meticulous, but to also be fluid and open to the undefined,” said Sophie, reflecting on her work. Her print work creates movement between geometric forms and experiments with the mutability of structure, with the final product embodying a space that is at once futuristic and nostalgic.

Check out more of Sophie’s illustrations, which are selectively available for purchase through her webpage!

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