Sort of Coal: Binchōtan


Sort of Coal binchotan bottle

Tired of the questionable tap water you’ve been drinking? This Danish brand’s got you covered.

Binchotan (white charcoal) has been used for centuries by Japanese people for its purifying properties and has only recently been brought to the attention of western societies. The concept is more than simple: just dip the charcoal into any flask, bottle, carafe filled with tap water and wait a couple of hours to let it work out its purifying magic. Due to its porous surface, the charcoal will absorb all the chemicals, reducing, for instance, the chlorine and making your drink all the softer!

Danish brand “Sort of Coal” has co-opted the idea, bringing it together with a clean glass bottle design. Check it out, along with the many other charcoal products on offer.

kishu_binchotan_3_small_1 sort of coal