The Starstruck Issue РΠ8!!

While Wednesdays may usually bring the presentation of a fresh editorial here at Œ, this week’s diary entry takes a subtly different form. But fear not, you shall not be deprived of the high calibre imagery that has doubtless come to represent a sensory pick-me-up amidst the doldrums of the work week! If anything, this edition of Œditorial may just be our most exciting yet…

So here it is! Witha year gone by since our last issue flew off the press, we are incredibly proud to be able to officially present our eighth baby, ‘The Starstruck Issue’! Full to bursting with ten meticulously crafted editorials, this issue serves as a comprehensive visual analysis of themes of icon and iconography, filtered through the lens of the dynamic German fashion we so proudly champion.

Not wanting to give too much away, here’s a snippet from each of the issue’s editorials, boasting a roster of esteemed contributors, Ingo Nahrwold, Yilmaz Aktepe, Dan Beleiu and our very own Phuong Lam among them.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all of those that made it down to Studio Chérie last weekend to celebrate the issue’s launch! We couldn’t have wished for a better crowd to commemorate the occasion with. If you didn’t manage to make it down on the night, you’ll be glad to here that issue 8 is now available for purchase, both here on our website, as well as in selected bookshops Europe (and soon to be world)-wide!

Cover Version 
Cover Version 2


My So-Called Life

Photography Claudia GrasslRené Hauser
Styling & Production | Sarah Sharon Karsten
Hair & Make-Up Helena Narra⁄ Liganord,using Tom Ford
Model | Gina Romina Bock ⁄ AM Modelmanagement
Photography AssistantSophie Wanninger
Styling Assistant Janina Gruber


Photography Harling & Darsell
Styling & Production | Dennis Blys
Hair & Make-Up Helena Narra ⁄ Liganord using Estée Lauder & Aveda
Model | Sandra Martens ⁄ M4 Models

True Colors

Photography | Dan Beleiu
Styling Arne Eberle
Hair & Make-Up Troy DabskiBigoudi
Model | Anna Nevala ⁄ M4
Photography Assistant | Azíz Ybarra
Styling Assistant | Mahoro Seward


Photography | Elizaveta Porodina
Production & Styling | Yilmaz Aktepe
Hair & Make-Up | Marco Hülsebus using Chanel & Kevin Murphy
Model | Klaudyna ⁄
Styling Assistant | Chris A. Blazer
Hair & Make-Up Assistant | Evelyn Innerhofer

At the Centre of it All, Your Eyes, Your Eyes…


Photography | Hannah Westermann & Jakob Skorupa
Styling | Phuong Lam
Hair & Make-Up | Julie Skok using MAC Cosmetics
Models | Michelle Meinert ⁄ Seeds Management
| Paige Knudtsen ⁄ Iconic Management

Come As You Are Photography | Jens Schmidt

Styling | Ingo NahrwoldBigoudi
Grooming | Anna Neugebauer Bigoudi
Models | Justin & Leo ⁄ Izaio
Styling Assistant | Lenny Schlageter


Photography | Katharina Willims & Andreas Knaub
Art Direction | Maja Wölker
Styling | Viviane Hausstein, Maja Wölker
Retouching | Jurica Sertic

The Last Stand

Photography | Cathleen Wolf
Styling | Sebastiano Ragusa
Hair & Make-Up | Valerie Malka using MAC
Models | Nadia & Michelle ⁄ Seeds


Photography | Eva Tuerbl
Styling | Soo-Hi Song ⁄ Shotview
Hair & Make-Up | Eva DieckhoffBigoudi
Model | Michaela/MD Management

It’s Very Romantic, Baby

Photography | David Gomez Maestre7artists management
Artistic Direction | Mody al Khufash
Hair & Make-Up | Dee DalyOpus Beauty
Models | Nial Morgen ⁄ unsigned
| Miriam Haney ⁄ Freedom Models
Styling Assistant | Natacha Voranger
Conception, Casting & Location Scouting | JLFF Studio
Production Los Angeles | Flower Ave

Special thanks to William Schlesinger, Richie Davis



Acne Andreas Knaub Anna Neugebauer Anna Nevala Arne Eberle Asos Augustin Teboul Bobby Kolade Case Studies Cathleen Wolf Cecilia Harling Chanel Claudia Grassl Comme des Garçons Dan Beleiu David Gomez Maestre Dee Daly Dennis Blys Elizaveta Porodina Eva Dieckhoff Eva Tuerbl Evelyn Innerhofer Falke Fred Perry Gina Bock Hannah Westermann Hausach Couture Helena Narra Hermione Flynn Ingo Nahrwold Jakob Skorupa Janina Gruber Jens Schmidt Julie Skok Jurica Sertic Katharina Willims Kid Karma Levi's Maja Woelker Marco Hülsebus Max Mara Michelle Meinert Mody Al Khufash Natacha Voranger NCA Œ 8 Paige Knudsten Philomena Zanetti Phuong Lam Pick & Weight Vintage Preen Raf Simons René Hauser Rita in Palma Roksanda Sabrina Dehoff Sandra Martens Sarah Sharon Karsten Sebastiano Ragusa Simon Darsell Soo-Hi Song Sophie Wanninger Starsty Steinrohner Studio Chérie Stutterheim The Kooples The Starstruck Issue Tim Labenda Troy Dabski Valerie Malka Viviane Hausstein Yilmaz Aktepe Zign Zimmerli by Zigerli