Tata Christiane & Vava Dudu


Bad taste, but never in bad form seems to be the motto for Tata Christiane & Vava Dudu‘s latest uniform collection for Berlin shop Uni+Form. The result is an explosive mix of street fashion that invites the absurd, mundane, ugly, and yes, even the beautiful.The wit and heart of the collection relies on it unreserved rejection of the standardized uniform. Instead, Tata Christiane and Vava Dudu take elements associated with this standardized idea of day to day wear and reassemble them into a collection that seizes the potential of what a street costume can be. Bomber jackets, button ups and trench coats are re-fashioned with graffiti art, feather dusters, and colorful and shiny frills, producing garments that not only respond but speak up-clothing on the visual offense, taking apart the elements of a uniform that form and claim our public identity.

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