Trippen Way F Box Boot

Trippen Way F Boot

Geta sandals are doubtless the paragon of Japanese footwear. Long predating the platform shoe, emblematic of the 70s heydays, of the glitter-sheened excess of New York’s Studio 54, the sandals represent a vestiary holy grail, a marriage of practicality, simplicity and originality. Here in Berlin, there is one particular brand leading the field in the emulation of this creative philosophy, Trippen, a brand founded on a combining of “modern design […], environmental friendliness, sustainability and social responsibility”.

At first glance, the Way F Box Boot offers a peculiar combination of features, as discordant as intriguing. Aside from the aforementioned geta sandals, influences include the buckling of ski boots and the dainty silhouette of the tried, tested and trusted Chelsea boot. Trippen’s “designs take fashion trends on board, but resist their throwaway nature”, an ethic markedly instilled across its range of products. But this hotchpotch of sartorial references plays a distinct role in facilitating the creation of products as robust as they are stylish.

In implementing features distinguishable by their reliability and cultural value, Trippen unlocks a new system of design, one that relies more on the updating or rebranding of that which already exists, rather than propelling the fast fashion paradigm with products that are sensational, yet ephemeral. But fear not, stumbling across a pair is in no way as challenging as one might think. Either pay a visit to one of their many stores across Germany, or, failing that, head to their online store.

Photo taken from the Trippen website.