Tsatsas Xela Bag

Tsatas black 1As seen a few weeks back, this week’s item yet again takes the form of a high end up-cycling of an item with an all but refined reputation. Traditionally the preferred vessel for toting kit to the football field, the drawstring backpack has, of late, seen a marked increase in popular appeal, gracing the backs of sneakered urbanites and gym bunnies alike.

Established in 2012, Frankfurt based leather goods brand Tsatsas place great weight on the production of exquisite leather goods that adhere to a philosophy of “[lending] scope to the beauty and purity of leather as a material.” And what are the results of such fundamental creative practice? Timeless yet contemporary accessories, each brimming over with clarity and precision. Our eyes were drawn to the Xela model, a drawstring backpack in buttery nappa lambskin. Its being of generous dimensions, as well as its featuring of an internal zipped compartment, allows it to comfortably serve as a day bag, while a touch of understatedly arresting luxury for any outfit.Tsatas XelaTo snag one for yourself, you’d be best advised to venture down to acclaimed Berlin concept store Andreas Murkudis. Or, if you find yourself in Frankfurt, why not make the time to experience the brand’s new atelier-cum-store space first hand?

All images via Tsatsas