Urbanears Giveaway

We were waiting for this moment for quite some time now. Minutes felt like weeks, hours like months. Finally we are ready to show off what we all have been waiting for: Œ Stories hits the world wide web and shows it‘s beautiful face. A platform that provides you with fashion news, online editorials, up and coming designers, store openings, behind the scenes and interviews.

We are incredibly proud, filled with love and moved to tears. That‘s why we want to celebrate with you and, first of all, thank you for sticking with us.

From today on, we have fantastic surprises and hidden treasures to give out to you. An on-going giveaway celebration. Sounds crazy? Yes, but that‘s why you love us!

Let‘s kick off the game with something for sensible ears out there. The perfect sound on-the-go: Urbanears headphones!

Not only is the design mind blowing, the elegance of the product is rivaled by its functionality – the new headphones Humalan is the first of it‘s kind that offers a washable cover. Usually everything that is super functional and practical looks weird in a way and definitely not stylish enough. Well, Humalan changed our minds and prejudices. Check out the design in pumpkin:

[portfolio_slideshow id=1855]

But why only make one person smile and dance through the cold, rough streets this winter? Let‘s just make it two then!

KRANSEN is for all those athletes and sport geeks out there: minimal and packed with great sound. With it‘s ergonomic design, the ear pieces will not fall out when encountering turbulent movements, even if you try running faster than you did the last time. With this incredible sound you won‘t fail, trust us!

Your purple companion:

[portfolio_slideshow id=1852]

To be part of the game, follow us on Facebook, like the Urbanears page, and like this post.

The two surprised winners will be contacted via Facebook on the 5th of December.

We wish you all good luck!