Valeria Farina


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We know that fashion is currently having a romantic romp with Nikes and Birkenstocks, but over here in our little corner of the world, we’re besotted by Valeria Farina, whose multiple footwear lines strike just the right balance between style and comfort. Berlin can be quite the shoe desert, but ever since Farina arrived on the scene in 2012 with her quirky crochet platforms for LVMM/Arielle de Pinto, the shoe empress has lifted a load off the collective footwear grief shared by all Berlin stylists and editors.

Having graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and Burgo Fashion School, Farina’s foray into shoe design began in 2010 in Antwerp. Not long after, Farina teamed up with Montreal-based designer Arielle de Pinto to experiment with what would become the first LVMM/Arielle de Pinto footwear collection. Born from a mutual love of crochet, LVMM combines hand-shaped cork and orthopedic foam bases with de Pinto’s signature crochet work. Each shoe incorporates craftsmanship with inspirations from street cultures and has found a dedicated following among fashionable urbanites.

In addition to the LVMM/Arielle de Pinto creations, the Berlin-based designer’s portfolio includes shoe collaborations with Huber Egloff and Tothem under her latest brand Alarma Futura.  For the upcoming season, Alarma Futura will present a new collection in a special 3D catwalk event during Berlin Fashion Week, followed up by collaborative projects with Arielle de Pinto, Tothem and Huber Egloff.

Rejoice! We can finally report on some exciting fashion week footwear here in Berlin.