all pictures taken by Wuethrichfuerst

Karin Wüthrich and Matthias Fürst, designers behind Swiss-based label Wuethrichfuerst, have created a brand that reflects their respective backgrounds in fashion and graphic design. Looking at their garments for the first time, it is decisively difficult to define what they’re all about, given the clothes’ abstract nature. Their works are, vaguely put, a visual experimentation ranging from image manipulations to corpulent garments with billowy silhouettes.



Whether the clothes are the physical translation of their digital creations or a mere component of a more extensive process is certainly something to ruminate. In both the images and garments, there’s a harmonious flow where elements appear to be melting. Using Adobe’s “fluidity” tool is one thing, but translating this effect into a physical state is something entirely different and is a unique feat in and of itself. Additionally, coated materials such as polyurethane and plaster, which are commonly used in the making of sculptures and structures, have be repurposed for details and accessories transforming them into art-like creations.

WUETHRICHFUERST a book to forget 2

If the graphics and garments have thus far fascinated you, check out their website to further explore their abstract world of digital art and photography. And if you happen to be in Zurich in the coming weeks, don’t forget to stop by their exhibition “Ceci nest pas à la mode,” meaning “this is not fashion” (a humorous nod to Magritte), which runs until July 31th.

WUETHRICHFUERST ceci n'est pas à la mode exhibition