Augustin Teboul and Perret Schaad as Depicted by Photographer and Illustrator Hiroyuki Kikuchi


Annelie Augustin and Odély Teboul of Augustin Teboul


Tutia Schaad and Johanna Perret of Perret Schaad

When Hiroyuki Kikuchi’s works landed in my inbox a month ago, I was immediately floored by his illustrations depicting fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour for Teaser Magazine. Hiro’s eloquent use of computer graphics and water color to render those images inspired me to approach him with an idea for Œ Stories. Pantheons of fashion, like Lagerfeld and Wintour, are distinctly recognizable and routinely illustrated by artists around the world. What I thought might be more interesting to our readers instead, was Hiro’s take on a younger generation of designers—ones not yet iconic, but who are in certain possession of the talent and ambition to be renowned in their own rights some day. Augustin Teboul and Perret Schaad immediately came to mind and Hiro happily obliged my curiosity with these two beautifully rendered illustrations of the duos!

Hiroyuki Kikuchi, born and raised in Japan, works as a photographer and illustrator in Milan. Check out his other illustrations and photography here.