Cote&Ciel: Isar Alias


cote&ciel isar alias 2

Backpacks have became a big thing these days; in addition of often being more practical than handbags, they have gotten, year after year, more stylish and have gradually entered into the realm high-end fashion wardrobes.

Conceived in 2008, the Parisian label Cote&Ciel’s has been growing at a very fast pace. The classic sober colors plus minimalist curves have quickly become the essence of the    brand, properly befitting the spirit of urban youth. Damir Doma is part of the creative minds behind this project, which ultimately is not surprising when we look at the vision that drives his eponymous label.

Working with mostly technical and synthetic materials, Cote&Ciel has attempted, for the first time, to involve leather in the process of its creations. Out of this small cowhide backpack’s series named ‘Alias’, we have chosen to feature the Isar model as the item of the week. We love the balance between its futuristic and alien looking design, paired up with supple Italian leather, which makes it look slighly more organic and classy.

Only a few carefully selected stores worldwide retail this special line, hopefully you can get one in-store or online at the Berlin based OUKAN concept store.

cote&ciel isar alias 4