Eva Tuerbl

Genesis P’Orridge

Eva Tuerbl, German born photographer based between Berlin and Brooklyn, has grabbed our attention with her eclectic, yet subtly provocative photography, focusing on fashion imagery and portraiture.

Having worked for numerous big publications such as Elle China, Qvest, and Kult, and having photographed the likes of Alan Cumming, Garance Doré, and Janelle Monae, her reputation is clear to see.

Her fashion photography provides a refreshing step away from the highly stylised glossy imagery that has so regularly over dominated the fashion industry over the past few years, to something that is a lot fresher and more genuine. There is contrast and disruption in her images, placing her models in atypical locations, drawing discord between the clothes and the setting, and thereby creating an intriguing narrative.

Equally, her portraiture captures her models in intimate, untainted situations, providing us with a truthful snapshot into their worlds. With minimal backgrounds, there is a simplicity to her photography, making you engage directly with the model. An intriguing photographer, and by the looks of her clients so far, we’ll be seeing a lot more of her work soon!

Check out more of her work on her website: www.evatuerbl.com

Portrait series 
Portrait series