For the Autumn/Winter 2019 editorial edition of DACH Showroom, Photographer Dan Beleiu teams up with stylist Emelie Hultqvist. As the title “Exposed” suggests, this beautifully composed series evokes an museological atmosphere by turning fashion and models into seemingly inviolable works of art. Exhibition elements as well as painting and performance are playfully interwoven, resulting in an oscillation between different meta levels.
Everyone who does not only want to look at the garments shown here but also touch them, is cordially invited to do so in Paris from March, 1st on – see full info below this story.


Photography — Dan Beleiu
Art Direction & Styling — Emelie Hultqvist
Models — Alizée Lenox, Emilia Margulies, Marie Lea Lund, Paul Leif, Skyler (the dog)
Hair & Make-Up — Kate Mur
Styling Assistance — Maya Lu
Photography Assistance Raphael Guillou


DACH Showroom will present the following designers:


Damur | Fomme | Hien Le | Hui-Hui | Namilia | Nobi Talai | Schepperheyn | Starstyling | Tata Christiane | Vladimir Karaleev


Astrid Deigner | Combinege | Dimitrje Gojkovic |Florian Jewelry | Gon | Jana Wieland | Published By | Rudolf | Wendy Jim | Wubet


After Work Studio | Julia Heuer | Julia Seemann | Julian Zigerli | Nina Yuun | Qwstion


DACH showroom
18, rue Perrée
75003 Paris

01.03. – 05.03.2019
10am – 7pm