Fashion Week Beauty Saviors

Fashion Week Fix

Fashion Week here in Berlin is fast approaching which means we will all be
feeling a bit more vain than usual and simultaneously dealing with inevitable
aesthetic challenges: blisters and sweat stains from dodging models and
tourists around Brandenburger Tor, sun burn from standing in the sun while
arguing with a bouncer who insists you’re not on the list, and then of course
there is the after-party aftermath: blue under eye bags and prosecco induced
pimples. Not to fret though because we spent a day perusing the shelves at MDC Cosmetics and Jack’s Beauty Department to identify some solutions for your woes.

First of all, our friends at MDC told us that there is really no quick fix
after you’ve gotten too much sun or done too many tequila shooters. If you don’t want
to wake up looking puffy and green you must make water your new best friend for the
next week. You should also listen to your mother and wear sunscreen…
MDC recommends the Austrian brand Susanne Kaufmann’s Sun Crème cell protective,
which won’t leave a grease splotch if you happen to drag a silken sleeve
across your damp forehead.

Susanne Kaufmann Sun Creme


If you for some reason forget your cell protective Sun Crème at home and wind
up with an irritated and leathery face, Josh Rosebrook’s Hydrating Accelerator spray from California is a dream and will make your face smell like a vanilla bouquet, plus it’s a cruelty free and vegan product, which makes it extra special. Our MDC friends suggest that this is a wonder when used right after washing your face to prepare your skin for a moisturizer.
Once you’ve cleansed and toned your face you should use a hydrating and soothing serum like Transderma R Resveratrol Serum.
It contains anti-inflammatory ingredients which combat UV damage plus it’s it goes
on light and won’t further irritate your skin.

Josh Holbrook Hydrating Accelerator

Transderma R


This is not the kind of party you should be stressing about… Malin & Goetz
has two highly recommended blemish treatments. The Acne Treatment Daytime is a light salicylic acid gel that can be work under your makeup (and sunscreen!). Their Acne Treatment Nighttime is 10% sulfur so you should save it for the big honkers.
Both spot treatments are available at MDC and Jack’s.

Malin & Goetz Salicylic Gel

Malin & Goetz Acne Treatment Nighttime


These are only good as a metaphor, and even then I’m not so sure, so Klotz Labs Contourista is a good thing to have on your shelf. It’s costly, but it quickly reduces swelling
and reduces eye wrinkles. MDC recommends massaging the product in circles around your eyes to increase circulation. In case that’s not enough we’re into und GRETEL’s velvety Tunkal concealers. Another option in case covering it up just isn’t doing it, is to blur the acceptable puffiness boundary… We got inspired at Jack’s blending together Grown Alchemist’s Vanille & Watermelon Lip Balm with nude toned Ellis Faas Lipsticks. The balm is moisturizing and soothing and a nude, flesh color lightens and opens up the eyes.

Grown Alchemist Lip Balm

und GRETEL TUNKAL Concealer